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C&H Technology is a leader in power semiconductors, heat sink technology and three phase bridge rectifiers. We provide reliability and quality. C & H Technology offers a large portfolio of power electronic components for heavy industrial applications, including welding, battery charging, steel, aluminum, mining, water, waste treatment, forklifts, overhead cranes, industrial motor control, transportation, power generation, wind turbines, solar inverters and more.

Like Koehlke, C&H Technology is committed to maintaining excellence through the latest technology, extensive inventory and exceptional customer service. Koehlke is pleased to offer heat sinks and other power semiconductors through C&H Technology, including:

  • DIODES and RECTIFIERS - High current, high voltage industrial rectifiers and diodes for standard and fast recovery.
  • THYRISTORS - Single and three phase bridge rectifiers, and three phase thyristors, that are packaged fully compatible with industry standard INT-A-Pak power series.
  • HEAT SINKS - Extensive inventory of all types extruded, bonded fin heat sinks, liquid chill blocks, liquid chill plates, aluminum heat sinks, copper heat sinks, liquid cooled or air cooled.
  • CLAMPS - Complete line of box clamps and bar clamps for hockey-puk disc semiconductors, precalibrated to simplify procedures on the assembly line and with ultra high dielectric properties for high temperature use.
Downloadable Product Literature:

Koehlke: Your C&H Technology Authorized Distributor

Koehlke is your go-to supplier as an authorized distribution partner for C&H Technology power semiconductors, including assemblies, bridge rectifiers, clamps, diodes, heat sinks, rectifiers and thyristors. On our site, you will find links to product catalogs, technical data, and part number searches for availability.

  • For detailed C&H Technology product information, please download the PDF literature located below.
  • For additional information or to request a quote, our customer service team is at your service from 8 am - 5 pm EST weekdays through our Live Chat feature, or by calling 1-937-KOEHLKE (1-937-435-5435).
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  • For additional information on any of our offered products, for technical assistance, or to request a formal quote, please contact sales@koehlke.com.

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