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FCT is a leading global manufacturer of metal hoods, plastic hoods, high power contacts, shells, non-magnetic components, and shielded right-angle adapters for special applications, and D-Sub miniature, high density and mixed layout connectors. FCT group manufactures components, using innovative technologies, solution-orientated thinking, qualified staff and team-orientated commitment to quality.

Through Koehlke, you have access to a variety of FCT D-sub connectors, filter D-subs, RF connectors, adapters, hood, shells and contacts, many with RoHS compliance, including:

  • D-Sub Standard, Mixed Layout and High Density Connectors

  • SMT/THT/THR Connectors

  • Low-Profile Connectors

  • µTCA Connectors

  • Filter Connectors

  • Crimp Connectors

  • IDC Ribbon Connectors

  • Dualport Connectors

  • Waterproof Connectors

  • EN 60603/DIN 41612 Connectors

  • Shielded Right-Angle Adapter

  • Accessories for D-Sub Connectors

  • 09way D-SUB standard, 15-way high density, and mixed layout adapters in 5W1 and 2W2 with high power contacts.

  • Metal and Plastic Hoods for D-Sub

  • Hoods in Sizes 1 - 5

  • Non-magnetic Hoods

  • Plastic Hoods Metalized

  • Locking Systems and Accessories

  • CANBus Connectors

  • Overmolded Cables

  • Coaxial Contacts 50 Ohm/75 Ohm

  • SMA, SMB, MCX,MMCX, and F Coaxial Contacts

  • High Power Contacts

  • High Voltage Contacts

  • Pneumatic Contacts

  • Crimp Contacts

Tools for D-SUB and MIL
  • Insertion and Extraction Tools

  • DMC Crimping Tools

  • Repair of Crimping Tools

MIL Connectors and Circular Connectors
  • Adapter for Circular Connectors

  • Shielded Adapter

Downloadable Product Literature: Koehlke: Your FCT Products Authorized Distributor

Koehlke is your go-to supplier as an authorized distribution partner for FCT connectors, hoods, shells, adapters and contacts. On our site, you will find links to product catalogs, technical data, and part number searches for availability.

  • For detailed FCT Products information, please download the PDF literature located below.
  • For additional information or to request a quote, our customer service team is at your service from 8 am - 5 pm EST weekdays through our Live Chat feature, or by calling 1-937-KOEHLKE (1-937-435-5435).
  • Begin a product search. To search a specific product, enter the part number or keywords into the search box.
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  • For additional information on any of our offered products, for technical assistance, or to request a formal quote, please contact sales@koehlke.com.

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