Koehlke is committed to quality. Please take a moment to review our Standard Terms and Conditions for Suppliers. CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF of these terms.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

KPP-001 Certificate of Compliance - Supplier will prepare a Certificate of Conformance/Compliance (CoC) asserting that the items contained with the shipment are in total compliance with all applicable requirements of this PO.  Supplier will annotate in the delivery package any exceptions or variances.  Supplier will include a copy of the CoC with the supplier's shipping container.

KPP-002 Quality Management System - Supplier will maintain a Quality System wich meets the requirements of ISO-9001:2008 unless otherwise approved by Koehlke Quality Management.

KPP003 Calibration - Supplier will maintain a calibration program which is in accordance with ISO17025, ISO10012-1, or ANSI Z450 unless otherwise approved by Koehlke Quality Management.

KPP004 Flow Down - supplier is required to flow-down to sub-tier suppliers the applicable requirements, including major characteristics where required by Koehlke Components purchase orders.

KPP005 Right of Inspection - Supplier will allow right of inspection and audit at the suppliers premises and review of the required documentation and inspection of supplier products upon receipt.

KPP006 FOD - supplier will maintain an active Foreign Object Damage/Debris (FOD) prevention program.

KPP007 Product/Process Change - Supplier must notify Koehlke Components of changes in product and/or process definition that affect form, fit, or function and, where required, obtain Koehlke Components organizational approval prior to delivery of product.

KPP008 Nonconforming Product - Supplier must notify Koehlke Components of any non-conforming product after delivery is made, regardless of when the non-conformance is discovered.  Supplier will make arrangements for Koehlke Components approval of Supplier non-conforming material prior to delivery, or if already delivered to Koehlke Components, will bear all of the costs of retuning the non-conforming material.

KPP009 Test/Inspection Data - Koehlke Components reserves the right to utilize test reports to verify purchased product, the data in those reports will be deemed acceptable per applicable specifications.  Koehlke Components also hold the right to periodically validate test reports for raw materials.

KPP010 Right of Access - Koehlke Components, Inc. (KCI) maintains the right for KCI, KCI's customer or customers representative to verify at the suppliers' premises and/or at KCI's premises that subcontracted products conform to specified requirements.  it is noted that verification by KCI or KCI's customer wil not be used by KCI as evidence of effective control of quality by the supplier and does not absolve the supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product, nor will it preclude subsequent rejection by KCI or KCI's customer.

KPP011 Records - All Quality records created in the manufacturing or processing of products and/or materials for Koehlke Components will be kept on file at the supplier's premises for a period of at least seven (7) years.

KPP012 Counterfeit Part Prevention - Supplier will have a process/program in place to ensure counterfeit parts are not shipped to Koehlke Components.  Supplier will immediately notify Koehlke Components with the pertinent facts if supplier becomes aware or suspects that has furnished Counterfeit pats. 

KPP013 Specialty Metals - Preference for domestic specialty metals iaw DFARS 252.225-7014 Alt 1.



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