Wilbrecht Ledco

Wilbrecht LEDCO, Inc., a Microprecision company, has over 50 years' experience manufacturing customized precision electromechanical components for machinery, aerospace, military, medical and telecommunications applications at its facilities in the United States and Switzerland. Our product range includes very precise Sealed Snap Actions Switches, Sealed Miniature and Sub-Miniature Switches, Limit and Security Switches, LED Panel Mount Indicators, Incandescent/Neon Panel Mount Indicators, PCB-Mount LED's and ultra-low TCR Metal Foil Resistors (through-hole and surface mount.)

Microswitches and Limit Switches Selection Guide Panel Mount LED and Indicator Lights LED LED Indicator Selection Guild Metal Foil Resistors Resistor Selection Guide

Spec sheets are available on all standard models - unlimited configurations possbile across across all product lines.

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